Billing goes hand-in-hand with accounting, so it’s extremely important that your recurring billing and subscription management platform integrates with your accounting stack. As well as several other finance and accounting packages, Billforward integrates with QuickBooks in order to help you simplify your business’s processes and accounting.

Unified Accounting

Billforward x QuickBooks integration lets you seamlessly sync your customers’ subscriptions, invoices and payments inside one platform. No more double entries between a subscription management platform and your QuickBooks finance package – all your accounting data is now stored and available in one place.

How does this work? Well, Billforward will automatically update your customers’ QuickBooks records around customer details, invoices and payments. Even better, Billforward’s generated invoices are immediately available inside QuickBooks. If you are wondering about what would happen to your historical data, you’ll be happy to know there’s nothing to worry about! Billforward x QuickBooks integration supports historical sync on demand. At the click of a button, you can sync invoices that were issued before you connected Billforward to your QuickBooks account.

What is Billforward?

In simple words, Billforward is a subscription and recurring revenue billing platform that aims to help businesses sign up customers, collect recurring payments, and manage their subscriptions.

Billforward supports an array of billing-use cases – from the simplest subscription business models to the most complex ones. Billforward strongly believes that customers’ business models shouldn’t have to adapt to a billing platform. On the contrary, it’s the billing platform’s role to adjust to the company’s business model and to fulfil their needs.

Who is Billforward x QuickBooks integration designed for?

The Billforward x QuickBooks integration is perfect for any business that already uses QuickBooks as their accounting package and would like to take advantage of the benefits of recurring revenue and Billforward’s subscription billing platform, such as:

  • Online retailers who want to offer product-as-a-service – e.g. coffee subscriptions;
  • Any form of direct to consumer subscription offering – such as baby food, pet food, etc;
  • Software-as-a-service – B2B & B2C;
  • Memberships – e.g. gym memberships where there is a fixed monthly fee + a usage element (e.g. tennis courts);
  • Rent;
  • Magazine/Music subscriptions;
  • Sports clubs;
  • Utilities;
  • Internet service providers and Telcos;
  • SMB’s offering recurring services – such as window cleaners or gardeners.

Do I need technical skills to get started with Billforward?

Not at all! Merchants can actually use Billforward via Billforward’s API, or via Billforward hosted checkout tool called Flexcheck. The Flexcheck tool allows Merchants to start selling complex subscriptions online in less than five minutes with just a few clicks. It comes with a fully customizable storefront and no technical skills are required to start using it.

API integration is perfect for merchants looking for a “headless” approach. It seamlessly integrates with your current tech stack to unlock the platform’s full billing potential.

What are the key benefits of using Billforward as my recurring billing and subscription management platform?

  1. Billforward offers a set of subscription management features that elegantly handle the simplest to the most complex pricing models and gives you the ultimate flexibility to create subscriptions that make sense to your business and your customers’ needs.
  2. Billforward works with 30+ payment gateways around the world to give you the freedom to take your business in any direction you might want without having to stick to just one payment platform. This enables you to choose more than one payment gateway and introduce least-cost payment routing logic to save on processing fees.
  3. Billforward offers a set of Smart Dunning features allowing you to reduce involuntary customer churn and to minimize potentially lost revenue

Discover how Billforward x QuickBooks integration could streamline your accounting and billing process. Why not book a discovery call with one of our billing experts and see how we can help you meet your subscription goals!

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