What are the main features of Billforward?

What are the main features of Billforward?

BillForward can enable you to unify your billing, iterate faster and allow your developers get back to the core product:

Using BillForward, you can:

  • manage customers, their subscriptions, and payments
  • launch upgradable products without custom development
  • easily support usage and tiered pricing models
  • build fully customised products sales dashboard
  • and much more.


Customers can be billed with one-off (ad-hoc) invoices or have recurring subscriptions for any time frame. Set-up fees, usage-based billing (arrears billing), or just a monthly charge. Cancelling overdue subscriptions, and notifying customers of changes can be fully automated in BillForward.


Once an invoices is created the line items can be tweak by adding, removing or altering existing charges. This gives you the flexiblity of invoicing software inside a subscription billing platforn.


Invoices can be paid for via offline payment, for example a check or bank-transfer, these payments can be programatically created via API. Automated online payment gateways such as Braintree, Authorize.Net, PayPal, and Stripe can be used. Attribution of funds are performed by BillForward, charging customers correctly and on-time. BillForward supports refunds and account or subscription credit in any currency.


Want to know how much money you have made last week? Automatically generated reports give you insight into your revenue, dunning, and subscription churn. Furthermore you can drill-down into any metrics from yearly to hourly resolution to understand exactly the state-of-the-world. Find out where you are leaving money on the table, or what your highest revenue generating products are.


Not only does BillForward have a rich in-bound programmatic API but it has an equally rich out-bound Webhook/Notification API. The BillForward notification API gives you a blow-by-blow, real-time stream of changes ocurring in your billing world. The notification stream can be sent to multiple end-points, and be filtered to send only pertinent data.

Extension Points

BillForward is extensible and modular. It is possible to extend the system with custom applications which sit on-top of the BillForward API using OAuth 2.




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