Dunning Overview

Dunning is the automated process of collecting unpaid invoices.

After an invoices initial attempt to be paid the invoice is automatically scheduled to be re-processed according to the dunning lines.

Bill.Forward supports dunning until the end of the invoices periods end, the organization can decide on the frequency or the dunning lines. For example an organization may configure a strategy where an invoice is re-executed 30 minutes after the initial attempt and then re-executed every 24 hours for 3 days. If the invoiced is not paid when the dunning strategy is complete no more execution attempts will be made, the subscription will be marked as Failed and subscriptionEnd set as the failure time

UI Feedback and Notifications

Subscription API documentation 

Often you may want to display UI feedback or degrade service based on failure to pay an outstanding invoice. Each subscription has boolean field dunning which indicates if there are any invoices which are currently being dunned.

Notifications are sent out on each payment attempt whether or not the invoice is paid.

In the case of invoices the following notifications are sent.

Domain Action Description
Invoice Pending Invoice has not been issued. The invoice can be re-generated and costs changed.
Unpaid Invoice has outstanding cost that has not been paid.
Paid Invoice has been fully paid with no outstanding cost.
PaymentFailed Invoice payment from gateway was attempted but failed. For example a dunning attempt
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