Credit Overview

A credit note can be issued to a account or subscription to pay all or party of an invoice.

Credit notes carry a nominal value, for example you could issue a credit note for $100 even though no money exchange hands. You issue credit notes as a gesture of good-will, in-lieu of a refund, or as an allowance. As credit notes have no actual value, they do not cost anything to issue. It is worth noting that as they have a nominal value credit notes will reduce the actual value an account needs to pay for an invoice.

For example:

1. $19.00 of credit is issued to an account

2. An invoice for $100.00 is raised for that account

3. $19.00 was paid by credit, and the remaining $81 had been paid for with a bank card.

4. You received $81 in actual revenue from this invoice as the credit note covered $19.00.

As credit notes are a form of payment they are listed on the invoicePayments of the invoice with a gateway value set to credit_note, thus for the previous example the invoice would be:

"id" : "INV-DAA57851-4FEA-4D59-9176-F6B86329",
"subscriptionID" : "SUB-1D1028A9-E198-46CF-9507-44440D12",
"accountID" : "ACC-403559B2-17A5-4EAC-8CA7-2A9C7FE5",
"name" : "Monthly Sub",
"state" : "Paid",
"currency" : "USD",
"invoiceCost" : 100.00,
"invoicePaid" : 100.00,
"invoiceLines" : [ {
"name" : "Monthly Fee",
"cost" : 100.00,
"tax" : 0.00
"invoicePayments" : [ {
"id" : "8EBEB95A-1BCE-4B99-A484-8FEE8F982A8B",
"paymentID" : "PAY-2749D794-5AE2-4624-A9DD-273E338F",
"currency" : "USD",
"actualAmount" : 19.00,
"gateway" : "credit_note"
"id" : "90BEB95A-1BCE-4B99-A484-8FEE8F982A8C",
"paymentID" : "PAY-9849D794-5AE2-AB24-A9DD-273E338F",
"currency" : "USD",
"actualAmount" : 81.00,
"gateway" : "card_vault"
} ]

Issuing and Paying with Credit Notes

Credit notes can be issued against a subscription or an account. Credit notes can be issued in any currency for any positive amount.

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